Thursday, 15 March 2007

I'm new to this game. I'm of the generation that's pretty technophobic. However, one of my students in my evening class last night recommended I set up a blog, so here I am, feeling my way into it. The trickiest thing so far has been finding a name for my blog that hasn't been used by someone else. I trawled through an extraordinary range of combinations of words and word elements to do with stories, tales, fiction, literature, writing, inspiration and so on, before coming up with Literascribe - and I like it. It suits me, it suits my aims. I love books, love to write, love to introduce other people to good literary references, so as a portmanteau word I'd definitely say it's working for its living.

I don't know how often I'll post a message. But I hope to share my enthusiasms and my woes as I live the writing life. All you aspirant writers out there will find something to identify with!

If you want to check out my published writing, look up my novel 'The Chase' on Amazon.

I'm also a teacher of writing - I'll save details of that for my next post.


julian said...

Blogging always starts with the first post! and your off...and I shall be adding The Chase to my summer reading pile too.

Lorna F said...

Thanks Julian! Let me know what you think of The Chase when you've read it - and let everyone else know too! (Assuming here that your comments will be positive ...) The best compliment I ever got from a reader was that he'd stayed up till five in the morning reading it because he couldn't put it down and just HAD to know how it would end. One of the reviews I had at the time the hardback came out said I was 'a natural storyteller' - but somehow it came over as a very sniffy comment, as if I were a jobbing artisan and nothing more. There's a lot of snootiness around about the art of good storytelling - but if someone tells me I've written a page-turner, then I'm pretty damned chuffed.

Lorna F

Ben S said...

Hi Lorna,
It was great to attend your course last summer (07) at OU Summer School. As I begin to dabble in creative writing as fuller retirement approaches (somewhat jerkily), it was a great way to learn and share experiences with others under such super guidance.
I am working on a radio play when time permits, and have the piece that I worked on during your Summer School course in the bottom drawer ready to pick up again and see if I can help it grow into a novel.
I have turned a Christmas book token into a copy of The Chase. It sits there beckoning, and I plan a quiet weekend on my own to get to grips with it in front of a log fire, and a glass of amber coloured liquid....
All the best