Monday, 9 April 2007

Literary Links

As I continue to feel my way into this whole blogging thing, I've just started a links page. The first is to a writing friend of mine whose site, The Writing Coach, is informative, inspirational and true of heart. Like me she's trying to carve her own path in this market-led literary world - and she is enormously supportive and helpful to others who are doing the same. Check it out.

The other link is to a blog I discovered last week and it's an absolute hoot: it's Miss Snark, a New York literary agent, who dispenses cruel but deadly accurate, barbed advice (with the help of her dog, Killer Yapp) to all us nitwits out in struggle-to-be-a-success land. It's no holds barred, so brace yourself, but it's damn fine. There's loads of information in the Snarkives.

Like Miss Snark, I was immensely saddened to hear of the death last week of the writer Michael Dibdin. Apart from his Aurelio Zen mysteries, I loved his 1980s novel 'Dirty Tricks', about all sorts of blackly comic shenanigans at an Oxford language school. I live in Oxford and oh, there was so much to recognise ...

Michael Dibdin was 60. Yes, all you would-bees out there, pull your fingers out and get writing. Life is short. 50 may be the new 40 and 60 the new 50, but dead is the same old dead.

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