Friday, 28 March 2008

Diagram Result

On a lighter note than yesterday, the winner of this year's Diagram prize for the year's oddest title has been announced, and it's the one that was my favourite: 'If You Want Closure in your Relationship, Start With Your Legs' - a title that does the job so well you don't actually need to read the book. Scroll down to my previous posts (on 7 March and 3 December) about the Diagram Prize for the rest of the shortlist and see if you agree with the choice of winner.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Hello - I stumbled upon your blog today and it's been such a help. I'm sort of new to writing but I am going to have a shot at it anyway. I always suffer from reading other blogs and can't help but compare some of the truly excellent writing out there to my humble offerings. So reading your blog has been useful for me. Cheers and good luck with all of your future work.

Lorna F said...

Thanks for your comment - glad you're enjoying the blog and finding it useful. I love the name of your blog! Good luck with your writing.