Saturday, 31 May 2008

And is there life after ....


Three years ago at half term we were in the north of Scotland. Chilly, mind, but with a great view over the bay and cliffs, in the village in which I spent my childhood. My husband couldn't get over the prolonged evening light: there was still rose in the sky at one a.m.

Two years ago, Cornwall. Guess what - a view of cliffs and the sea. I think you know where my tastes lie. Ironic that I live in Oxford and am therefore about as far from the sea as it's possible to be in this island kingdom.

This year? A view of the colour-coded chart on our fridge, with exam dates marked on it, and each passing day marked off with red stripes, designed to stimulate our son's sense of imminence so he will dash to his books - or to put it another way, to put the fear of God in him. Well, it probably does that, but fails to send him to the books - he prefers his well-honed ostrich technique. Just as If You Build It, They Will come, it is an article of faith with him that If You Ignore It, It Will Go Away.

Sadly, the god of Procrastination ignores his prayers.

His father and I are totally exhausted.

Still, after the run of five exams lined up this week, the worst will be over. Won't it?

And I can get back to blogging properly. Bear with me till then - and if any of you have exam-threatened children, good luck to them - and you. The little dears will thank us someday.


Debs said...

I can completely sympathise with you. My son is taking his last two AS exams tomorrow and I've nearly driven both him and me insane with my constant questioning about how his studying is coming along.

I'm exhausted, he seems fine.

KAREN said...

I'm sure there will be life after GCSEs, but not as we know it!

Having grown up by the sea (Scarborough) I feel much happier in the countryside, for some reason, although it's nice to go back and visit every year.

Lorna F said...

Thanks to both of you for your sympathy - I hope the AS exams went well, Debs.