Wednesday, 21 January 2009

In Memoriam

George Johnston Fergusson
Elizabeth Hay Fergusson


'What can we do with the lost, the dead, but write them into being?' (Hilary Mantel)


Lane said...

So sorry Lorna.

Your quote is so true and struck a chord. Yes, we must write about them.

Thinking of you today.

Lorna F said...

Thank you so much, Lane. Glad you liked the quote - it's from Hilary Mantel's memoir, 'Giving up the Ghost', which I strongly recommend.

Jean said...

Sad anniversaries are such difficult times. My good wishes to you, Lorna. Yes, the quote is very moving. Hilary Mantel's 'Giving up the Ghost' is one of my favourite memoirs.

Lorna F said...

Jean - thank you too. I'm so glad you've read Hilary Mantel too.

KAREN said...

That's a lovely quote, Lorna. I'd love to write a piece about my grandparents one day - I still miss them.

Lorna F said...

Karen - glad you liked the quote too. Do take a look at the book - it's not only a literary memoir but it's also good (rather harrowingly) on the treatment she received during years of illness. It turned out she had serious endemetriosis: the attitude of doctors (and why are so many gynaecologists male?) was ghastly and obtuse. Why are we not surprised?
And yes - you must write about your grandparents, for yourself and for your children.