Thursday, 12 March 2009

Love_Ya_Award[1].jpg (image)

The gorgeous Karen at Get On With It (see blogroll to the right) has just given me this blog award - thank you so much Karen!

Love_Ya_Award[1].jpg (image)

I'm afraid I'm so useless at this technical stuff it's come up here as a link rather than a picture - oh God what am I doing wrong now! You can see it in all its glory in the righthand column though. I'm immediately passing the award on to the lovely Lane and the excellent Sally Zigmond, who tells it like it is and pulls no punches. She's at

And they're both far better at this technical stuff than I am ...


Sally Zigmond said...

Thank you, Lorna. I am honoured. Like you I am not very good at the techie stuff. I don't think I'm stupid but wrestling with Blogger makes me feel I'm a total worm. Half the time I don't understand the language.

Lane said...

Ah thank you. That's very kind:-)

Now - for future reference...

Right click on the photo you want to copy.
Click 'Save Image As'
Save it to your desktop or whatever folder you like.
Then when you're in 'Compose' in Blogger, click on the little 'Add image icon' and upload your photo. Voila!:-)

Alternatively ask a teenager if you have one handy.

Next time I'll tell you how to put a clickable link in your blog without the http bit. I bet you can't wait:-)

Lorna F said...

You're very welcome, Sally - and Lane, thanks so much for the techie advice. I do have two teenagers handy but even so I still muck it up - so you're right, I can't wait for the non-http link lesson! :)

KAREN said...

Well deserved award. I was going to explain how to post it, but lovely Lane has beaten me too it :o)