Friday, 15 May 2009

Normal service will be ...

... resumed soon, I hope. Students with coursework deadlines, elder son with AS levels, younger son sitting pseudo-SATS tests to stream him in classes for next year's GCSEs. Need I say more?

One other thing, though: boo to ITV for getting rid of the South Bank Show at the end of this season. What are they thinking of? It can be sycophantic and oily, precious and self-satisfied at times - but it's a national institution and it's a chance to see and hear some wonderful people, some wonderful works. For instance, an interview with William Goldman a couple of weeks ago.

Philistine Nation strikes again.


Karen said...

It is a shame about the South Bank Show - I remember watching it for the first time at my gran's years ago and instantly feeling more cultured! I was always drawn to the episodes featuring authors.

Good luck with all the exam stuff (relieved I don't have any of that any more!) and thanks for your fabulously helpful comments over at the Novel Racers and on my blog. I've already had a look at the Google street map of Cambridge, what a fantastic resouce - there are moving photos and everything!!

Hope you'll be back soon :o)

Lane said...

AS levels here too. And SATS for the Y6 daughter. I'll be glad when it's all over.

It's such a shame about The South Bank Show. It's a must see. There's no equivalent on terrestial tv. *sigh*

Take care Lorna. Hope normal service is back here v. soon:-)

natasha said...

Sorry to contact you in such a common way... But it seemed the only way, plus this post is so fortuitous. As a former student of yours(I feel like I should insert a comma here) I know with your expert coaching the boys will shine. Love your blogg and most truly love the wordsmith master styling. Who would think to pair sycophantic and oily, except the expert tutor who guided my teenage idled brain through Chaucer. Sadly, I still have not mastered commas, despite earning a degree in econ & Marketing and an MBA. I still employ a salt and peppering technique, perhaps with a 40% accuracy rate. You can view my sadly, non-improved wording and grammar techniques at

I wish you the best and hope you are vigorously loving life.

Lorna F said...

Karen - Glad to have been of help - but I still think you should visit the place! Lucky you not having offspring-exam-stress anymore. In another four years ...

Lane - Hope the SATS and AS levels have gone well your end. The grey hair count has increased chez nous (because parents stress more than the kids who are actually sitting the bleedin' exams)!

Natasha - Brilliant to hear from you! Weirdly, I had thought about you recently, wondering what you'd gone on to do. Many congratulations on the degree and MBA. I'm so proud of you. Thanks also for the lovely comments on my blog - I do hope you'll keep reading. If you come over to England, come and see us. You won't recognise the boys: Jack is seventeen now, and Cameron is coming up to fourteen. How old were they when I was teaching you? (Creaky old brain not sure of dates). Keep in touch. xxx