Friday, 24 September 2010

Making Memorable Scenes course only a week away!

You only have a week left in which to book your place on my fictionfire Making Memorable Scenes course at Trinity College!

If you're interested in aspects of plot and story-structure, this day course will guide you towards making the scenes you write work as powerfully as possible to engage and hold your reader's attention. We'll look at published examples, deconstructing them to see how their internal dynamics made them effective - and we'll practise writing our own scenes. We'll cover areas such as pace, tension, creating mood, setting location, using dialogue and placing scenes in your story's overall structure. Getting the individual scenes right will help you grow in confidence as a writer.

A fuller description of the course, along with details of the venue and how to book, are all available on the website (where you can also see my latest Quote of Note and mini-essay about it in the Writing Inspiration section of the site).

The Sutro Room, Trinity College

Coming up, on the 16th October, there's Shape Up and Make Your Pitch: make agents hungry to see more of your work!

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Lane said...

Have fun with the course Lorna.

And the Sutro Room look wonderful!