Wednesday, 11 May 2011

fictionfire Courses and a glorious location

Trinity's Front Quad from the Sutro Room
Wouldn't you just know it, there was rain last Saturday morning as my students arrived at Trinity College for my day course on Essential Story Construction? However, they were all of a very sunny nature and incredibly enthusiastic and creative. We had lots of discussion, writing exercises and laughter. We started with a discussion of 'Lewis' because one of the returning students confessed to having strayed across Kevin Whateley's eye-line last October when she was attending a fictionfire course at the same time as filming was going on (she was glared at). Indeed, that episode was only aired a couple of weeks ago, so it was great fun spotting the Trinity locations!

No film crews this time. The Sutro Room, though, was worthy of a film location - and everybody found it beautiful and inspirational. We had a lot of ground to cover - plot is always a very popular topic and a daunting one for writers who are just starting out - or, indeed, those who've made progress and then got bogged down.

My next course will be on Creating Narrative Perspective and Voice and I'm looking forward to seeing several people from last week's course again. If you want to join us, you have until midday Friday 20th to book- the course runs on Saturday 21st. We'll do a sun-dance beforehand, shall we?

Details of the course and how to book are on my website

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