Tuesday, 18 April 2017

IGISIRI books for March 2017 - what were your reads?

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In February I told you about my IGISIRI campaign and I hope you were interested enough to start your own! If you remember, IGISIRI stands for 'I've Got It So I'll Read It' and the simple concept is that you read two books a month, two books you already own and are selected quickly and without too much thought or dithering from the many many I know are sitting on your bookshelves. If they're anything like mine, they reproach you silently every time you scan those shelves. 'Read me, read me!' they plaintively call ...

So here, slightly late, are my ISIGIRIs for March (it's not my intention to write full reviews here - just record them and draw your attention to them in case they might interest you):

Jessica Bell: The Book - a novella written in several different voices, at the heart of which is a troubled child. Compelling in its satire of relationships and the lies we tell ourselves, with a very moving ending.

Clare Flynn: A Greater World - a damn good historical read, mainly set in Australia after World War 1. A classic search for self and love against a very well realised backdrop.

Kathleen Winter: Boundless - a poetic account of being writer in residence on board a ship travelling through the North West Passage. Fascinating blend of history, travelogue and introspection.

Marcus Ferrar: The Fight for Freedom - a lucid summary of how various kinds of freedom have been worth struggling for over more than two thousand years of civilisation.

As you'll see, instead of two books, I give you four! That's the remarkable thing - in saying I only read two I seem to facilitate the ability to read more than that.

I hope you'll join me and share your recent IGISIRIs
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You can see my introductory post about IGISIRIs and the books I read in January here.