Saturday, 16 June 2007

Lit Salons and Lattes

First of all, I'm not blogging at present as much as I'd like - blame pressures of work and a son in Year 10 with a load of delayed coursework and imminent exams. Not so much weblog as backlog.

A little item to amuse you - not only is the ubiquitous coffee chain Starbucks promoting selected books these days but now the hair salon chain Toni and Guy is getting in on the act (just when you thought it was safe to read Heat and OK with a clear conscience because there was nothing else available and besides, at the hairdressers you want to give your brain a break). Toni and Guy have teamed up with Penguin - Penguin are keen because of what their general marketing executive, Ruth Spencer, describes as 'The high level of dwell time in salons' (language like this is humbling for the novelist - you just couldn't make it up). She goes on to say, without, it seems, a trace of irony, that 'We are confident this will help us achieve a high level of cut through and impact amongst a key target audience'.

So, look forward to discussing with your hairdresser not only whether you're going somewhere nice at the weekend or for your holidays, but the postmodernist metafictional slant of the latest literary tome popped onto your lap while you're under the drier.

Expect to see more excruciating puns in salon names - joining such stalwarts as A Kut Above and Curl Up and Dye will be Readlocks, Tress of the d'Urbervilles, Perms of Endearment, From Hair to Eternity (wouldn't be surprised if that already exists) ... oh, stop me. Stop me now.

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Muvva said...

I so agree about the hairdressers. The only compensation for enduring the tedium of a junior stylist's attempts at conversation is the chance for a good dose of junk-reading and tutting at the size of Victoria Beckham's thighs.