Saturday, 14 November 2009

It's never too late!

I know many of us worry because  the publishing industry is full of Young Things and we live in a youth-obsessed age. Still, there are examples of writers who gain success in their autumnal years and even later. A  novel hit the stands recently by a new novelist: it's called 'Clisson and Eugenie' and tells a tale of a passionate doomed romance. The author? A certain N. Bonaparte. Oui, c'est lui! Vive l'Empereur! So, there's always time to gain literary success, even when you're conquering a few nations along the way. Of course, if there are favourable reviews, you have to hope they'll filter through to the afterlife, where old Napoleon will not be the only one awaiting dilatory recognition of his storytelling skills.

And, I hate to be a nag, now - but only 6 days till my first fictionfire course, Get that Novel Up and Running! If you're interested, pop over to my website now!


Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

I'm all for writing from anyone - young or old but it's the celebs' books which make me feel sort of weary.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I'd love to come on your course but I can't just now! Too many projects demanding time and dosh! But I surely need to attend a proper writing course because I feel I need to learn so much. Having read your brilliantly written book, I know that I could learn a huge amount from you. I'll have to drop hints as to what I want for my birthday next year!

Good luck with the course.

Lorna F said...

Fia - you're so right about the celebrity books. I watched Martine McCutcheon on TV last week, promoting her novel (which, at least, she does seem to have written herself) - she seemed nice enough but dear me, it seems you need to get yourself mown down on Eastenders or eat bugs in the jungle while showing off your petulant mouth and inflated chest to get yourself published these days! (Now, where did I put that syringe of silicone ...)

MOB - what a lovely lovely comment from you and I'm so sorry you can't make it to either of the courses! You'll be there in spirit, hen! Yes, drop heavy heavy hints for your birthday! And tell anybody else you know who might be interested - I'll be so grateful. x

Lane Mathias said...

First things first - CONGRATULATIONS on being shortlisted in the Bridport. THat's just brilliant news Lorna - well done!

Now, I wonder why Monsieur B's book took so long to be published. Perhaps they couldn't decipher his handwriting?:-)

And lastly but very importantly, good luck with your course. I bet it's going to be brilliant.

Lorna F said...

Lane - thanks so much for these lovely comments - and congratulations on winning the fight against the evil weed! :)